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Perspectives in Nano Information Processing
an international conference and workshop
Møller Center
Cambridge, UK, December 14-16 2015

The conference is jointly organized by the FP7 FET EC projects MULTI (multivalued and parallel computing at the molecular scale) and TOLOP (low power information processing in solid state devices). Several topics related to CMOS technology as well as the implementation of complex logic operations in molecular media will be covered :
  • emerging steep switch devices & CMOS technologies
  • issues related to the energy-dissipation of CMOS devices and circuits
  • optical addressing of molecular machines through state-of-the-art nonlinear ultrafast optical techniques
  • electrical and optical addressing of atomic and molecular states in the solid-state
  • complex DNA-based biomolecular architectures for complex logic operations
  • perspectives in nano and bio processes

  • In addition to the speakers and the partners of the two projects, attendees include members of the scientific boards of the projects and graduate students, postdocs, younger researchers working in the field of molecular logic and solid-state devices.
    Given the multidisciplinarity of the subjects covered, stimulating discussions will be encouraged by a flexible time table.


    Organizing Committee

    Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba

    Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory - University of Cambridge - UNITED KINGDOM

    Raphael D. Levine

    Fritz Haber Research Center for Molecular Dynamics - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - ISRAEL

    Francoise Remacle

    Theoretical Physical Chemistry - University of Liege - BELGIUM

    David Williams

    Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory - University of Cambridge - UNITED KINGDOM



    Confirmed invited speakers


    About the Moller Center


    Sunday evening 18:00

    Registration open
    Informal discussion on Challenges and Perspectives on Nano Information processing

    Monday December 14

    Morning: Single dopant devices
    Discussion leader : Marc Sanquer, CEA/UJF-Grenoble
    Sven Rogge, UNSW, Sydney
    Francis Balestra, IMEP-LAHC laboratory, Grenoble
    Enrico Prati, CNR IFN, Milan

    Afternoon: Nanoelectronic device engineering
    Discussion Leader : Fernando Gonzales-Zalba, Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory
    Richard Blaikie, University of Otago, New Zealand
    Hiroshi Mizuta, JAIST, Ishikawa
    Colin Lambert, Lancaster University

    Short presentations and poster session

    Tuesday December 15

    Morning: DNA computing
    Discussion leader : Itamar Willner, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Friedrich Simmel, Technical University, Munich
    Andrew Turberfield , University of Oxford

    Afternoon: Optical Computing
    Discussion leader : Francoise Remacle, University of Liège
    Elisabetta Collini, University of Padova
    Kenji Ohmori, Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki
    John Morton, University College London

    Short presentations and poster session

    Conference dinner at Trinity Hall

    Wednesday December 16

    Morning: Perspectives in Nano and Bio Processes
    Discussion leader : Henning Sirringhaus, University of Cambridge
    Abraham Nitzan, Tel Aviv University
    Giovanni Cuniberti, Dresden University of Technology
    James Heath, CalTech, Pasadena

    Afternoon: Perspective in Architectures
    Stefanos Kaxiras, Upsala University

    Discussion, Opportunities and Road Map
    Discussion leaders : David Williams, Hitachi Laboratory at Cambridge
    Raphael Levine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


    Confirmed invited speakers

  • Abraham Nitzan, Tel-Aviv
  • Kenji Ohmori, Okazaki
  • Enrico Prati, Milan
  • Francoise Remacle, Liège
  • Sven Rogge, Sydney
  • Marc Sanquer, Grenoble
  • Friedrich Simmel, Munich
  • Andrew Turberfield, Oxford
  • Itamar Willner, Jerusalem
  • David Williams, Cambridge
  • Francis Balestra, Grenoble
  • Richard Blaikie, Otago
  • Elisabetta Collini, Padova
  • Giovani Cuniberti, Dresden
  • James Heath, Pasadena
  • Stefanos Kaxiras, Upsala
  • Colin Lambert, Lancaster
  • Raphael Levine, Jerusalem
  • Hiroshi Mizuta, JAIST, Ishikawa
  • John Morton, London

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    Email: sales.moller@chu.cam.ac.uk
    Web site : www.mollercentre.co.uk

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    Early birds registration fees (before November 27th) :
    - 3 days attendance : 200 euros including coffee breaks, lunch and dinners and the conference dinner at the Trinity Hall College.
    - 1 day attendance : 100 euros including coffee breaks, lunch and dinner

    Registration fees after November 27th :
    - 3 days attendance : 250 euros including coffee breaks, lunch and dinners and the conference dinner at the Trinity Hall College.
    - 1 day attendance : 125 euros including coffee breaks, lunch and dinners

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      Deadline for abstract submission : November 27th, 2015

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    Some of the abstracts will be chosen for a short oral communication. Participants whose presentation has been selected will be notified by the Conference Organizing committee by November 15th, 2015.


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